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Sunday, October 5, 2008

The two ways

In order to simplify this.It could be said that there are two paths,

the path of the salvation ,and path one of the perdición, the light and the darkness, vessels for wrath and vessels for salvation, each one chooses through wich door to go, in which vessel to be, and if standing in the light or in the dark. Imagine a company, where there are vacant positions. The employer beforehand knows the aptitude each one and sees all the people who can comprise for his company. The employer watches the volunteer from its birth and follows its development,so the volunteer can be called to the service. So if the new employee does not correspond in the necesary manner, it will be cast away and replaced with another one who can do the job properly . The employer always has from where to obtain new employees to make the work. If the employee arrives at the end of a term, he is observed in his performance , therefore can he ascend from position.
Outside there are those that do not comprise of the company, each one choses wheter to comprise for the company or not, if he tryes to enter company or if he remains outside, and if he enters the company to act for the best as he can. God has stipulated that all the things to pass as they must happen, one chooses where to stand, each one it chooses if to be formed for a good vessel or in badly formed vessel , because in fact everyone in the humanity is a badly formed vessel if not redeemed from his first sin . when humans choosed not to do as God commanded, the human being becomes deformed fro the right form .
In addition, if there is not free will,what it is the reason for the prophets and the word of Jesus to be ,ah? so for what it was the sacrifice of Jesus? .This is for one to be able to choose and to understand what one it is, and to have the desition to be included in what it is right.
in the faith and humility to recognize the own error, and mistake , and to request to God a reedemtion , so him forgive the error that we are responsible for. and to be in the vessel of salvation and not in the vessel one of wrath.

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