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Friday, January 9, 2009

self suggestion

since I first heard about subliminal messages in the public media , every time that there was an article about it, was promoted constantly that a subliminal message was effective inducting a particular behaviour . (with the classic cinema and the thirsty expectators experiment as example ) showing graphics that the eye could catch and reach the brain unconsiously.
To anyone self aware of its very interest and with it mental faculties more or less working toward a clear point of interest , it could seem absurd to think that a piece of information which is perceived unconsciously could change or induct a particular behaviour, unless that , you could accept consciously that an information which_ unconsciously reached the brain_ is a viable way to decide what to do(you acept the impulse) .

external concepts and meta-subtle messages work as self suggestion-catalist in order to make the inner-circle of consume and impulse to work.
For example , the public accept the next ideas as real:
: "you must consume what it is shown in publicity "
" if you unconsciously see a soda pic inserted in the frames of a movie you will be inevitably thirsty ,you then will go and buy one"

In self- suggestion, hypnosis ,etc( people is deceived with past life therapies etc), the individual must consciously accept a previous notion _that that an unconscious information can force a certain behavior in order to work_ , a needed catalyst to the subliminal message to work , of course there are people more susceptible than others, for different reasons, also there is different ways to induct hypnosis with drugs etc.
But I think that people is being atacked whit an incredible amount of lateral massages in movies tv etc games...morals religious preconceptions, discrimination etc