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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Knowing, the movie

I saw some screenshots, and was , how can I say , " nwo " :) , which could stand for 'nephilin world order' ,
for all its new age imagery related to flying saucers.
I remember that much of new age propaganda back in the nineties , was toward angelology , or whatever it is written in English(I assume you understand what I mean) and worship of angels , was the idea about angels , but not about God , there was people who said , (and still ) , 'I believe in angels'.

and we know that an angel without God it is just a fallen angel.

I will add some comments further to the case of the title of this picture in my country, and the surviving kids:

It seems that the title of this movie was developed to work as a prophesy alerting the people about something which is about to happen, of course the end it is not what the movie shows , we know that , neither the way in which it is going to occur, but maybe it is the way that it is planned , in some way , for someone .

original title :knowing

other title: signals of the future( the poster reads also): what will happen when the numbers are finished/wasted?
I am not sure about what that it is supposed to mean.

Kids surviving :
remember the Denver airport ? and the 'children surviving the disaster' wall painting?
Remember the movie the isle(not sure about title but if you don't /spoiler/
It was about kids being grown under the false idea that they where the last survivors of a global catastrophe, like matrix but without robots)

I am almost sure that this is trying to show that there will be a third world war and that only kids will be meant to survive , and they will be possibly made to believe that they were taken to another world etc. and survivors of a catastrophe.

Maybe for once(if God allows) I will make a post regarding all the movies I know , where people lives into a fake post apocalyptic world where they are deceived to believe a different world than real or they are being deceit of the real cause of catastrophe, or the real age where they live etc.

I will just say now this I can remember : logans run ;megazone 23 ; matrix;the isle; the planet of the apes; Truman show etc..

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