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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

mexico and pig influenza , argentina and dengue and , pig influenza.

mexico is quite near from USA, but even while in south America there is no much concern about pig influenza, we have to worry about dengue mosquito fever!!, it is amazing how this illness spread so fast at the same time, a big excuse to inoculate people with a lot of new , and barely tested vaccines:

So can you imagine taking a vaccine shot for avian flu , other for pig flu, other for mosquito fever , and so on, or maybe someone develops a 'miraculous' cure for this all .

I think that in third world countries the governors , has not much care about certain controlls in rural areas . I mean , if someone decided to put something strange into a pig ,hardly someone could notice it.


Buenos Aires, abr 27 (DyN) - sanitary Authorities of Jujuy reported today that there are 809 registered cases of dengue in the province ,by now in 2009 and in the 'Rioja' province the number of affected people is of 220, while the minister of Health of 'Cordova', Oscar González, affirmed that in the district “the situation is not even in the midle of the path ”.

the minister of Health, Graciela Ocaña, affirmed that the consults regarding dengue “diminished in last the two weeks” and considered that the situation “is favorable”, in declarations made when returning of the province of 'Salta', where she participated in an event by the Week of Vaccination in America. A-9683
DYN 20:42 04-27-09


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