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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Week news

I was desperate to post this , yesterday ,I heard a promotion on TV, for , newsweek Argentina , an guess what :It was something about Atheism growing in Argentina and Atheist militancy"I really never paid attention to such magazines, but let see what I found doing a Little research:a newsweek cover:"DOES GOD EXIST?"-" A new debate about humanity's great issue/( question) "

-----------------------Coincidence? statistically 99% I am sure it isn' t !!this is a world wide campain , with a clear meta message "most of people does not believe in god so neither you should"I had the chance to check the article , and it is a mere compendium of opinions of philosophers an scientist , historical, and actual characters quoting , it seem pointed toward the people (who might read this magazine) to choose position toward what this represent as more 'logic', everything tinged with the idea of a simplistic gnostic belief , just a pagan vision of belief in a deity.--------------------------------------------------------------In the web site of newsweek en español, there is a promotion of the next article , I will post the photo and the translation here:

"The church closes it doors" Some years before , the catholic church was the vital core in the spanish life, but the country is changing"Here in this other website " , there are , several online versions of news magazines , among them I found this online version of newsweek Argentina,and the atheist militancy article ,I had mentioned previously:" the path which gets away from(that makes be separated from) faith "this people has some shirts which reads "colective apostasy now" and sort of.

as I read the article just a bit , what I considered enough ,it seems that it is a protest again related to the relation about the state and catholic church , since in our country , is an obligation for the president to be a catholic sacramented whatever. in a lot of hollywood movies , with monsters and religious themes ,vampires , demons, like van helsing , constantine , among others (maybe I have said this already )
catholic church is regarded as a real church with mystic powers and all, and then in the media catho0lic church is used , the defame the Christian world as a whole, I put this comment, because I being grown in a catholic country, city , there are a lot of people, who thinks that catholic it is the paradigmatic representation of a person who believes in god, and don't have any notion of faith , or what the bible said. I mean , they only know what the pope say , because they hear it on the news, and they see the pope shaking any president s hand , because they see it on the news. I think that , the same happens in non catholic countries , with the use of other negative examples to defame Christianity. But I think that a great amount of this comes from catholic church.
And the last article : another article, trying to push the idea that faith visions , are mere brain deceit , it is a mere brain disfunction . then you can mix this with a Little false miracle , false visions teaching , so this people can have a bit of grass to their horse, then defame all the real miracles or visions etc. needed no more to say it is.

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