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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Huechulito marine moster

Someone claims to have photographed again an some sort of lake monster, read the full article , the last part it is somehow funny , I tried to translate the more literally possible, the last part there is the description of a marine monster called the "the leather" , yeah,as you read it like the cow skin. it is an ancient legend.


the intendant(a mayor) Ruben Campos confirmed that the commune(district) was managing a group of specialist's arrival in order to detect the "Huechulito" , a marine animal of similar characteristics as the mythic "nahuelito" (a supposedly giant marine serpent)

The Santafesine (from province of Santa Fe ) photographer Jorge Salcedo was going through the lake on board a 'catamaran' ( a big boat fashioned as a bus , also sometimes a yacht is called this way ,but I think that a catamaran is something less fancy ) when he get chance to take a picture of three hill-like forms , barely emerging the water surface.

The strange figure portrayed by Salce recalls the mythic animal , who is said to inhabit the lake Nahuel Huapi, Called "the nahuelito". For this reason , the locals are now speaking about the "Huechulito" (a custom borrowed from the Loch Ness lake nearby inhabitants who named the monster "Nessie" )

The picture was taken in movement with an adjusted zoom ,using a digital camera with the relation about a 480 mm in a 35 mm camera, this was the reason given by Salcedo to esplain the reason why the photograph lack of quality .

The image Caused great conmotion in the commune , because of this the intendant, Rubén Campos, confessed that they are already "working on the issue" and searching for specialist.

"From the commune we are working on this issue, and this week we are due to advance in different fronts to achieve the arrival by a group of specialist in order to study the case, in the same way it was done at the moment in Bariloche ( the place where the other marine monster was supposedly seen some years ago), this was told by Ocampos to La Mañana Neuquen (A local news service).

As they wait the experts coming, the denizens are already initiation the organization of something like a 'photographic safari' searching for new proofs of this monster's existence.

Among the villagers is told that about 20 years ago , some Policemen chased and shoot some kind of 'big lizard or serpent' who got into the lake and escaped swimming.

An old Mapuche`s oral tradition(native inhabitants) tells about a creature called 'The Leather", an animal that "makes a noise , as a wind storm as it goes through, "the leather appears at the deeps, into the lakes small or big, it exist even to this date.It wraps in one and take one underwater. if one knows how the defend , takes the knife and thrust it up" .

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