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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

missing link day at google

today featured google front page:

when you follow the link:

Since there was too much results ,I added more precise parametters:

then I found someone making remarking some interesting points :

"There is plainly an lucrative agenda behind any publicity of Ida at Google, NY Daily News, or even last night’s ABC Nightly News (Tuesday, May 19, 2009). In fact, it would be considered press irresponsibility not to report on the unveiling of “Ida.” My concern is that we have yet to hear from Creationists why this whole matter is so absurd. For example, we are not genetically similar to a lemur-like mammal, according to Darwinian Scientists. They have been genetically mapping our similarity with the primates."
(continues on link)
"Sidenote, Only 3 months ago, on February 12, 2009, instead of saluting Abraham Lincoln on his 200th birthday, Google’s banner saluted Charles Darwin. Why “Darwin Day?” Because Abraham Lincoln stood out from among his Deist contemporaries and saluted Christ."

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