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Saturday, April 9, 2011


comment to Da
yeah, its an interesting matter, maybe you didnt know but the spanish version 1569 by Cipriano Valera says "living soul" (the link is from a modern character version, ancient spanish was something complicated to read, it had read-pronunciation rules like english, and some different characters, but the words itself are the same as the one in the link)
"Y dijo Dios: Produzca la tierra alma viviente según su naturaleza, bestias y serpientes, y animales de la tierra según su naturaleza; y fue así"
"and said God: produce the earth living soul as(according) its nature, beast and serpent, and animals of the land as its nature, an it was so"

KJ translators took this (or one previous)  as one of the references for it translation.
I have writing about it in one of my blogs, I think I should have posted on DA, I think will after I revise it a bit, but I would like to add that in the original notes from the king james there was that nephesh meaning soul, the problem resides mostly in the fact that in late times deliveratedly some people tried to distort and hide that knowledge to fit their own purposes or ideologies.
"living creature" explain itself of havine a soul, because without a soul there is no life, so it would be just absurd to assume something living would no have a soul.
I am almost 99% sure that in those time it was a common knowledge that a living creature was a soul.
The problem it carries as it carried at that time, is that middle ages people assumed animals could be good or bad in the sense of reasoning, which is not scriptural too. So balancing this understanding is complicated. In Job is an explanation about this.
Some people say that animals can not worship God which is absurd and unbiblical too, because there is many references about it on the bible...

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