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Saturday, May 7, 2011

So, why are Christians so afraid to question what goes on around them

[quote]So, why are Christians so afraid to question what goes on around them?[/quote]
my answer from forum
It is a matter of the personal experiences of each one I think... its hard to accept you are being cheated, because it means that you committed a mistake in believing them first, its an strike to the ego, that's one of the causes, but not most of the cases, other is that you can not accept someone you learned to trust because you think they want good for you, is indeed cheating you,(to inform is supposedly an act of love if you think, because you are teaching something, showing something, and lying is an act of evil, all the opposite...
The bible say, woe to the ones who present dark for light, good for evil etc, so I think its related also the the trust in men, I think one have to trust God only, then any situation to human is subjetc to a possible failure in any point, if you think, even if you accept the media wants to tell you the truth only, they are human!, there is no way they could be right about every thing they say all the time, I mean all the information, if we talk about  other matters, we can say, well, people can be inspired form God, then we are subject to discernment then, all the time, and of course that affects the way we understand things, and accept things etc, I think most of things related of an information should be taken partially, due ourself understanding, because even if the information is right, can we be right about the way we see everything all the time? I think that's why we move through faith, even if we accept a risk of mistaken, the principle is the conscience of honesty in what we do,

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