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Friday, May 13, 2011

solomon was black?

I know this could be as trivial as it gets or as it could, but is interesting in some extent:
(this is taken as a curiosity not for start a debate of any kind)
I am not a big fan of Strong concordance , but it can be usefull and its funny to check it too from time to time I have to admite it, most of all for getting more definitions of nous, because most of times translators need to chose a word among several terms, and some relation with other words is lost in translation, but I consider not using much for other aspects because the teachings are good as they are like that, and the understanding goes for a spiritual matter than just the plain meaning (thats why I rather old translations) but here is what I wanted to talk about:
5:10 My beloved 1730 [is] white 6703 and ruddy 122, the chiefest 1713 8803 among ten thousand 7233.(the chiefest: Heb. a standard bearer) 5:11 His head 7218 [is as] the most 3800 fine gold 6337, his locks 6977 [are] bushy 8534, [and] black 7838 as a raven 6158.(bushy: or, curled) the first part seams to be talking about a white man :D but the second one talkes about someone with head like gold and hair black as a raven and bushy :D

well thats because the translation of white, as in much other places is related not to color white but "brilliant", or "shining", and the word "ruddy" means reddish, like horse or lentils, check Strong`s concordance.. ruddy*H122= 1) red, ruddy (of man, horse, heifer, garment, water, lentils)*white*H6703= 1) dazzling, glowing, clear, bright, just think about which kind of man looks like a bay horse or lentils red ;D
then in the second part talks about gold :
Strong: H3800

Orig: from 3799; properly, something carved out, i.e. ore; hence, gold (pure as originally mined):--((most) fine, pure) gold(-en wedge). H3799
Use: TWOT-1057 Noun Masculine
Strong: H6337

Orig: from 6338; pure (gold); hence, gold itself (as refined):--fine (pure) gold. H6338
Use: TWOT-1753a Noun Masculine

in the previous verse mentioned the color of the head or, I think gold means other thing than color, but a kind of substance


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