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Friday, June 3, 2011

next men evolutive step in movie exmen :P

I ve seen x first class, the bigges remark I have to say about it, (even while it was not a clear absolute reference to illuminaty simbolism, it has some subtle references to things related to it) the movie woul be enjoyed by almost anyone who likes the superheroes though without noticing it unless they have heard about it, although it could be considered part of promting the aceptance of certain ideas.
The most important its an escene where a military person says something about that "the liberties is less important than security", or that it comes in second place when talking about security. so then clearly there is a mesagge there, it is the idea about what could happen when security is threathen :D
the other was eugenics, nazis and eugenics, evolution, and the search of the next evolution steps. (the nazis wherent searching about blue eyes and blonde arian race, but a next evolutive step) indeed its clear in the movie that the xmen, humans which are almost like gods, are part of a next evolutive steps which will end stinguishing the less evolved humans, (in the beggining of the movie it is told how all the less evolved hominids were exterminated by the more evolved homo sapiens)