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Monday, July 11, 2011

Satelite hologram bluebeam¿?¿?

I was looking at the moon today, and it has a facinating yellow glow around it, I just begin to thing about how was that effect posible, and I then realised that possibly the bright glow of the moon penetrated a soft layer of unformed clouds and humidity was spreading the moon light as a transparent fabric in front of any projeted light, so, in that moment it came to my mind, if it was possible to use that same effect from outher space, just a big satelite with an strong light, reflecting over a layer of solved water or some kind of gas... in the night a person could not see a common acumulation of  substances in the air, but if a strong light hits the surface, each particle glows  as a mini pixel fro a screen... could that be the way this images be made ?¿¿?

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