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Friday, July 1, 2011

transformer 3 and good aliens vs bad aliens

I saw the movie two days ago, is the first 3d movie I watch, I have to admit the 3d effects were stunning, there was some gratuitous violence escenes, absolutely unnecesary, (an evil transformer kills a vulture very graphicly, the kind of scene you would not expect in a movie that possibly will watch a lot of kids even while is not suitable for minors) and of course some naughty jokes too, but the most important thing that this movie shows, is the way that alien disclosure is treated...(Indeed in the movie all the people knows extraterrestrials exist but few has seen them), but the important topics in the movie are all related to real life conspiracy theories about bad aliens vs good aliens, the most important that the movie shows, are:

 _NASA started the space progran in order to retreive an alien aircraft that crashed on the moon,
_astronauts making an oath that they will not reveal what they will see on the moon,
_is expalined how it was posible for it to be achieved, it says that only some more than 30 people knew the secret
_(surprisingly all the real life characters are depiced with their real names, even obama, ( the spectator is hinted that all the info is real, or they want the spectator to believe so?) 
 _and the most strange fact of all, is that in the movie the moment when the astronaut finds the space crafts, the dialog seems to match that a suposed secret recording where one of the astronauts describes some massive objects ans says "we are not alone" (for some reason I can not find this on the net, but I read in an old UFO magazine about ten years ago, internet was not so common back then)
_chernobil was about alien technoliogy research
_and of course the bad aliens work with nasa making deals with bad humans.

¿Could this be an example of predective programing and preparing people to accept that aliens  exist as a possilble idea, or even to acept fake alien invasion ? or just hollywood is makig run out of ideas and is making movies out of conspiracy theories?

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