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Saturday, December 24, 2011

toy drone UFO

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this topic is not about only the fact that this drone can spy on anyone, but just I think is a proof that most of real UFOS(physic, not optical) are indeed human devices , with strange lights attached to them , and possible some emp to disrupt comunications and cameras etc.
Did you remember most of times we heard about ufos, withnesses said they saw ufos making erratic movements that could be imposible for the actual technology aircraft, just look as how this drone moves. If you saw a thing like this toy , moving like that, but hundreds or dozen of miles away , and with a size 10 times bigger, what could you think?¿? most of people would think its an extraterrestrial ship, because its the way people was thaught flying saucer looks like, Just in all the movies since 1980, all the ufos are glowing floating ships, which could be easily cheated with some lights, a dark night , and  engines like this, btw, other thing that we heard about ufos, is that they make realy strong noise, which could match perfectly the 4 engines.

 the reason why we possibly never seen this technology as this in a big sized aircraft for public use,is that the ones who manages technology release, just want people to think that floating ships are impossible an could be only be made by extraterrestrial technology ...

video demostration:

someone made the same drone with lights:
doesnt it look like an clasic glowing ufo ?¿?:


Looking for a last minute gift before the holidays can be a daunting task, but if you're shopping for someone with an interest in espionage we can help you out.

The AR Drone from French company Parrot is a remote control quadracopter (meaning it has four spinning blades) equipped with cameras built into the belly and nose of the aircraft.

It's equipped with Wi-Fi so you can control it from your Android phone or iPhone, while simultaneously monitoring activity relayed back from the cameras.

What separates it from similar devices is that it actually stays in the air, so when you're spying on your family from the bedroom it won't crash and blow your cover.

The Parrot AR Drone sells for $300 and a list of local retailers is available on their website.

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