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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Babylon Dragon-Dinosaur of Babylon

you possible never watched this picture before, as I, I am almost sure you didn't, because for obvious reasons, this kind of information and knowledge, must be kept hidden from the masses, and is very hard to find them unless you digg into pieces of information. In all the sources and documentaries I watched in my life I don't recall to have watched an image of a pixax, or Babylonian dragon, even if you search for that name you could get few results on google, but when I searched for "Babylonian dinosaur" I found much more.

I have suspected for several time, that the dinosaur bones in display, are not the real way dinosaur looked like, and they are deliberated forgeries to make dinosaur resembling other animals than the real they were, because, if they show a dinosaur that looked like one of the ways people in ancient cultures described dragons, they old earth theories could not sustain into nothing:

this is the picture of Babylonian dragons, notice the long neck, in the source I found it first, they said that babylonic people just invented all kind of animals with serpent shapes, of course, the curious part, is that long neck dinosaurs look somehow similar to this creature, except that scientist arrange their bones in a much different fashion, making them look like a mix of an elephant, with an iguana and a giraffe, but look at this, compare the way they drawn other normal animals and the way they draw this creature, its obvious they much possibly turned some features to look more resembling to an snake, but if this creature would be invented, why the horn, why the back legs that resemble talons¿?, just they I watched this it reminded me of velociraptors, I think this could have been the way they really looked like, just get the velociraptor image below, and move the spine bones to be straight, increase the sice of the forelegs, and you have a creature like this:

I think dinosaurs were variations of this animal the dragon of Komodo, but for obvious purposes, they scientific establishment, may have tried to develop the idea that dinosaurs are related to birds:

look all the bones they have, and the shape they give to it:


komodo dragons are very dangerous indeed, they are only found on that island called komodo, they can kill deer and big animals, only with one bite, also humans, they have so much bacteria in their mouth that their bite is mortal.
I think all of the big reptiles that exist to this date, is because they were isolated from mankind,
originally scientist thought all dinoaurs were related to reptiles, moving slow and such, but at certain point they came with the idea they had to run fast like ostrich, Ive watching many illustrations from dinosaurs, and their always turn the shapes of almost all new species they find, to look as with fat bellies, and walking in too legs, but if you consider the big ones, doesnt look like hens, they made in four legs, why¿? does anyone ever saw a bird walking in four legs¿?
but of course there is one example of one reptile that walks in two legs:

but if you watch at it, it does not look like a turkey at all !!!!!!!!!!
and notice the back toes of its feet!

look at the head of this one:

I am persuaded after I watched several images, the bones are forged to fit the chicken shape, bones are arranged to be distorted from the real lizard disposition, this are supposedly velociraptor bones:
doesnt this arms look long enough to walk in four legs to you¿??:

now look at this:

I it almost impossible to find good references for lizard skeletons, even sometimes, I found some komodo dragon skull,s you'd be amazed, how come this is not a dinosaur¿?? only because is smaller, all lizards came in different sizes, and have different bone arrangements, but if you calculate, as bigger they get, the terrible they are, just compare with a croc, now, imagine a komodo dragon of 20m long, it could have teeth much more bigger, and maybe even horns, as many reptiles like chameleons have:

also t rex skull resembles so much an iguana skull, but most of paleotologist are so veiled, they can see through it:

an image from the XIX century, you can see at that time, dinosaurs still were represented as lizards, even you can see what a pears to be a tyrannosaurus rex, on four legs, just as an iguana...

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