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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

alien agenda, and demon/alien belief

I was thinking about this a moment ago, its somehow polemic, but , think about it

if the secret ruling powers have set up a deceive to humanity, into using, drones, machines, holograms etc, into thinking aliens are real entities, then, saying that aliens are demos is not following their doctrinal agenda¿?

is a mainstream topic into the secret masonics belief, or part of the masonic theories,
that the ones who posses the bigger technology/knowledge will controll the ignorant masses.
 recently been hitting surface the fact that masons believed the ancient gods were just flesh and bone creatures, or more "spiritually" evolved creatures depending on the time were those ideas were originated.

  been there since 1700, but due to the fact that the alien disclosure is part of their global dominance plan, and that they already most likely have the technology to fake it, they would have started to promote all kind of theories into this topic, and for example,

ofering it on plain sight, on programs like "ancient aliens" in history channel.

prove that they believed this from long ago, is the visions of  ellen white, who said she saw aliens living on space, and other similar visions even prior to that, from people who said to have travelled to other galaxies and meet extraterrestrials.

so, saying that aliens are real entities, and mere trivial life forms, is not following their agenda¿? does fit the biblical word to say, that demon can do the things, that some sources claims they can¿? like using aircrafts, or materialising their bodies¿?,

if you analise all the stuff allegued to aliens, there is not even one, that could not be tricked nor faked by human means, so still with that, why does anyone believe aliens exist beyond the human persetion¿? (this means, thay the exist in a "physical form", outside human mind)

if someone believes so, then arent you placing, angels into their same level¿?....
is not what masons believe after all¿¿¿? that there are no spirit, but only flesh and matter, and manipulable energies¿?

so, I think, is a posture christians have to rething, again, and analise...

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