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Monday, May 19, 2014

Comment about controversy lamentations 4:7

 I think they could not make the actual translation, because racist people would not admit it, so they had to veil it. In many languages, like chinese and spanish, there is a word for white, as color, and other, the most arcaic one, related to day, morning, and light, even in chinese the kanjy has a main sun shape on it. the case of most of words translated as white, is that usually refers to bright, shine, and as the case you mention, purity, I dont think King James was homosexual, since many claim there is evidence was a lie invented by his enemies, and he was not blonde, he was black, or ironicly what many call black today, but in the bible is called RED. her nazarites were redder than rubbies, ( but they now)  are black as coal. The fact of Paul is a false apostle, is another invented lie, since Paul made many references of revelations, I think there is an agenda against Paul, because of some key verses he mentions in his letters, first he says to reject all false teachings that goes agains the JEsus of the cross and the bible, this is Key element, that teaches why Paul is a true apostle, and just to mention, that he says, not to believe in any angel showing a different Jesus, I think many denominations are trying to promote different Jesus, and if you dont believe in many of paul teaching, and explanations of doctrine, this false religions can easily promoted.
there was no controversy about Paul in the times of the primitive church, one of other key elements of PAul, was to reject new invented doctrines, many of the modern false doctrines like rapture was invented after  centuries, or also like dispensations. I think one should be carefull about what it teaches and how it could affect people. recently there is a new intention that says paul was a catholic agent, how come if catholic church didnt existed at all?

during history, many things were eventually changed in meaning, in the spanish version of the bible, the word you get for ruddy, is rubio, which as you can read, sounds like ruby, because, actualy the word red, in hebrew comes from a lot of worsds related to the color of the blood. but ruddy and rubio, meaning originaly almost the same, got twisted in a way, when people reads it, will think about a yellow haired person, even while in description of solomon, you can tell its about the sking color, and not hair, since bible says solomon had black hair, but spanish readers get all confused when they read solomon was blonde and also had black hair, it makes no sense to them, even while the word rubio, sounds like rubi, the media managed to change the meaning of a whole word some decades after the bible translation of 1569 came out. the word ruddy is more like reddy, someone of red countenance, you see in lamentations it says ruddy in body, because is not of hair, as in spanish, the word rubio and ruddy, originaly for white poeple was a hair color, that we today would call aurburn, or brown. not yellow, thats why king james, is written, ruddy of body, not hair. I think the distortion was not of the time, since king james was red himself, and he claimed to be from juda, it was latter as it was written that the word was distorted...