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Sunday, March 13, 2016


its not complicated to figure something if you think about it. even you use the word "chain", well men had to take care of animals, so when things turned to be bad, the order broke down from the start of the chain. it all started then an animal had to be killed, for men to get dressed with their skin. the difference is what you see things. you know that in certain part of the bible, Jesus said, that one of the most important things was to desire the kingdom of God. and the whole idea about that, is that you want things to be as the way God wants them to be, not men wants it. many poeple dont know that any animal killed is called a sacrifice. and if you read the bible you see that pagans sacrficiced to the idols the food they eat. and there was an issue regarding whether a christian could eat that food or not. well when you give thanks to God for the food is need to admit the men is responsible so is a way to admit your wrong.

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