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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Talking about ominpotence vs not being able to do something, is like talking light vs dark. its like I tell you, can be  a shadow so strong that can still exist in the middle of the stronghest light? of course is an absurd question because if there is light, there is no dark. dark is the absense of light. so in the same maner. not being able to do something, is the lack of not being able to do it.
So about God. if you start with the idea that God is omnipotent. then the matter is that God can decide do or not do something. like when you turn of the light. so when God decides not to whow his light in punishment to the world, there is darknes in the world. thats why Jesus said that christians are the light of God.

its not a flawed concept, the problem is that atheist arent interested in poeple to know what it means,so you need to go find sources that will teach you what you need to know. other way is like trying to ask Stalin if freedom of speach is a flawed concept.

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