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Wednesday, September 20, 2017


well, I wanted to see if someone would say that because I was going to say something alike, technicaly the wrong idea is that life exist without soul, because life and soul is the same, spiritual life is different although is hard to tell the difference, but spirit is something that goes out of the soul, that is added like and extra motivation to say it so,
thats why the bible say humans can have the Holly Spirit, but something that most christians denomination get wrong, is that Holly spirit comes to men only in certain circunstance, much like it did in the jerusalem temple, and not always. Only in JesuChrist the Holly Spirit was all along because was his very Soul.
So like word animal comes from anima, which is soul, therefore is pretty absurd saying animas have no soul, they just are different souls, much like they have different bodies.
Modern Christians have many things wrong just because they want someone who is not even christian in most cases, teach them, so if they just read the bible a bit could undesrstand simply things like that, nonetheless, there are many more important things to know than that, that most christians understand, like even if they would agree to something absurd like that, they dont actually agree to that, because the bible teaches that animals deserve a good treatment, even if you are going to eat him.

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