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Sunday, October 7, 2018

something funny I found

well, in chinese an accent can change a lot of meaning in a word, they have like 4 or 5 accents if you count the pasive accent or whatever it is called XD (I dont recall it now)
so you can find 5 words with same letters but different accents. But things sometimes seems to have more logic than you can imagine in how a word is originaly develped, like animal names, usualy are related to the sounds the made, like in chinese , cat is  'Māo' 貓 in chinese traditional, or 猫 in sinplified chinese. (also regarding the hànzì; in traditional chinese, the left simbol in the cat means its an animal with claws) having said so, here comes the funny fact: 
狼。Láng. =wolf
浪。Làng. =wave
to know whats funny about it, is that in english, wolf would be more likely originaly be pronounced something like (phonetically reading) "wo-uu-ff" and wave " wa-iiu-ff"
(良 Liáng = good, apparently is made with the union of the words, day(by sun) and heaven)
but thats not all, in amharic (oficial language of ethiopia)
 ውሻ "uusha" = dog
ውሃ "uuha" = water

but I dont seem to find clear correlation between the sound of water and howling, but maybe there is a subtle relation